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I got saved at 25 years of age, I was an atheist. I became a devout disciple of Christ for about 2 years, but it drove a wedge between my atheist wife and myself. Enough for us to separate and then divorce. I was devastated and incredibly discouraged, I thought God had failed me. After the divorce I walked away from God, like a dog returning to his vomit. I returned to what I knew best, smoking weed and drinking heavily. I was in and out of jail, court was taking all my money. I guess I was seeking joy and peace through drugs and alcohol. But I realized that joy and peace was only temporary.

I lived my life like that for a couple of years, then I remembered the time when I was the happiest was when I was walking with God. During the time that I was realizing this my daughters had been going to Green Hills with the Oh family. I started going to church in the evenings because I worked Sundays. I knew what the truth was I was just ignoring it. I’m sure the Ohs where praying for me because somehow God blessed me with Sundays off and then I started joining my daughters, Frankie and Emma, at Green Hills.

At 29 years old I was back in church, I was invited to a life group led by Brent Humason, then Brent offered to disciple me. Since then I’ve spent about a year with Brent going through the “Disciple Bros” curriculum founded by Rick Petersen and John Peck. I’ve learned a lot and continue to mature in my faith.

What I love most about Green Hills is that there’s a lot of knowledgeable and wise people to learn from. When I was faithless, God was faithful because He cannot deny Himself.

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