“Vindicate the weak and fatherless; Do justice to the afflicted and destitute.” ~Psalms 82:3

This past weekend in Washington DC the annual “March for Life” took place with hundreds of thousands of people showing their support, including Mike Pence, the first Vice President to ever join the march. Life is an important thing to take a stand for, and it’s an even more important thing to live for. My family has been directly impacted by women choosing life, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Tiffany and I had the privilege to adopt our oldest daughter just over 2 years ago, making it 3 years since we first met her through the foster system, and then bringing her home several months later. Early on in this process we were eager to gather as much information about Jasmine as possible in order to get to know her family history. It’s difficult to go to a doctor’s appointment and be asked questions about your child in which you have no clue how to answer. We still don’t know who her birth-father is and we know little about her birth-mother. We do, however, know the number of other children her birth-mother gave life to.

Jazzy Then

The First Day We Met Jazzy

Learning this information was initially very difficult for me to digest. I found myself getting upset with the irresponsibility of her birth-parents. But one thing Tiffany regularly reminded me of and helped open my eyes to was that Jasmine’s birth-mom gave her the greatest gift she could offer… LIFE. In a society quick to take tests and discourage carrying a child with Down Syndrome to full term; it could have been easy for her to choose a different path. Living in a less-than-ideal environment somewhere in Los Angeles could have easily discouraged the mom from being pregnant again, likely knowing she wouldn’t be able to keep the baby anyway.

Jasmine’s birth-mom gave her the greatest gift she could offer…LIFE.

Thankfully, she didn’t take that path. She chose life. She chose to carry Jasmine until she was ready to be born. That hospital would be the last place the birth-mom would be with her newborn child.

She must have had a deep hope that there were other hands and other families who could provide the care and support that she knew her new baby needed. She chose life.

I admit I didn’t come to see this early on, but now am forever thankful she had such courage to give the only gift she could give. Now, our family is blessed to receive the gift someone else gave. Our whole world has been changed. What a privilege to raise a beautiful little girl, and not just speak up for life but put our words into action!

adoption day

Adoption Day!

Jazzy Today

Jazzy Today!

Our family continues to be burdened for the many other lives needing a home, not only the unborn, but those already born as well! Living for life means we don’t only seek policy reform but we seek more Christian families being transformed by the gift of fostering and adopting those who need a “forever family”. Whenever the issue of abortion comes up I can’t help but think how differently our life – and your life – would look if one mother had not chosen life.