This is the final installment of a multi-post series we are calling “Get to know our Deacons.” As you know, on February 24th we will be recommending 13 men (UPDATE: now 12, one withdrew due to time constrictions) to serve as deacons, joining the current 7 who are now serving. We are thrilled to empower more servant-leaders in the life of our church and see God’s work continue to grow in and through us. In preparation for that day we are using this time to help our church members get to know these men on a little more personal level. So, we asked each one a few questions:

  1. How long have you been coming to Green Hills and what kept you coming here?
  2. What ministries have been most exciting for you to serve in throughout your life?
  3. Outside of serving at church, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I hope you enjoy getting to know our deacons and continue praying for them!


Caleb Kim visited Green Hills about 18 months ago and decided to stay after he first listened to Pastor David’s sermon. Not only did he decide to stay, he knew he wanted to actively serve. Caleb has a strong interest for learning languages. He is currently fluent in Korean, (his mother tongue) but has conversational abilities in English and Spanish as well. In fact, one of the ways in which we refines his language skills is by writing out Bible passages in all three languages.

Caleb currently serves in the very active prayer ministry in the Korean congregation. In particular, he is involved in intercessory prayer. However, he would like to see a way to serve in a medical ministry like with acupuncture or physical therapy.




Jaime Mazun started coming to the church in 2012 because his family was invited by Barbara Barr who was teaching the Good News Club where his children went to school. Jamie recalls, “Como Familia estábamos buscando una congregación bien simentada con buenos programas para niños y adolescents.” At the time the Mazun family was looking specifically for “a well-structured church with a good program for children and teenagers.”

Jamie is bilingual in English and Spanish and serves ushering, serving the Lord’s Supper and working in the tech booth for the Spanish worship services and events. In regards to his free time, he says, “Mi tiempo libre es estar con mi familia. Soccer, cocinar,” meaning he likes to spend time with his family, playing soccer and cooking.

Jamie and his wife Claudia have two children; a high school-aged daughter named Regina and a 6th grade son named Diego.


Sang Park and his wife started attending Green Hills two years ago because a friend said this church had a good Korean Pastor who was a good preacher. After visiting for a while, they observed that Green Hills was a place where “God’s mission was at work” and they saw good fruit. Sang shared with us that his favorite way to serve the local church is to intentionally seek out the new faces and make the visitor feel welcome, as well as to find ways to “develop the brotherhood.” His passion is helping new people feel connected to the church. And when he isn’t doing that here on Sundays, he is outside, inviting others in the community to come hear God’s Word here at Green Hills. They are so happy to be a part of this church family.


Enrique Rios and his family have been attending Green Hills since back in 2009 before we launched many from our Spanish to the Whittier Campus. He and his family were committed to staying behind to be the remnant that would build up a new Spanish speaking ministry here at the La Habra Campus. He is bilingual in that he understands both English and Spanish though as he tells it, when it comes to speaking both languages, he says “Hablo mi propia versión del inglés.” (Translation: “I speak my own version of English.”)

As a part of the church, Enrique has served in many different capacities. He is an usher, he works as a sound tech, he serves in the Living Nativity and he considers it a great privilege to “paint and give maintenance to The Lord’s House.”

Enrique and his wife Betty have two children, Maximilliano (7th grade) and Monserrat (5th grade). He says El tiempo que tengo libre es para mi familia es el único hobby que tengo.” (Translation: “My free time belongs to my family. It’s the only hobby I have.”)