On February 24th we will be recommending 13 men to serve as deacons, joining the current 7 who are now serving. We are thrilled to empower more servant-leaders in the life of our church and see God’s work continue to grow in and through us. In preparation for that day we thought it would be a good opportunity for our church members to get to know these men on a little more personal level. So, we asked each one a few questions:

  1. How long have you been coming to Green Hills and what kept you coming here?
  2. What ministries have been most exciting for you to serve in throughout your life?
  3. Outside of serving at church, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I hope you enjoy getting to know our deacons and continue praying for them!


Kurt Abel has been coming to the church for 18 years now and he says that it was “the friendly people” that kept them coming. He also said, “We immediately felt at home at Green Hills. Not long after we started attending, we started serving in the High School Group.”

Kurt says that the most exciting areas of ministry have been teaching the stories of the Bible to the 1st through 4th grade boys and girls. This is an area in which he is currently serving, along with his wife Ann. He has enjoyed giving leadership with High School students as well as on the Multi-Media team. But teaching the kids right now is the most fun for him.

Outside of serving at church, Kurt has coached youth soccer for the past 20+ years and he loves doing that. He also enjoys hiking with the family, wake boarding every summer, and traveling.

Kurt and Ann have two sons, Luke and Zac.


Jerry Harned and his wife Dellene have been members at Green Hills since 1994. Not long after he started here, he was asked to be a part of the Pastor’s Search committee; the same committee that found and called Pastor Bob Gallina to be the “new” pastor of Green Hills. Jerry has been an influential teacher for students of all ages, from Kindergarten through senior adults. Jerry and Dellene offered their leadership to build up the thriving AWANA program we all enjoy today. Additionally, Jerry was instrumental in directing and developing the Living Nativity for 17 years.

When asked what ministries he has been most excited to serve in throughout his life, he said,
“I have been excited to be involved in Christian Film making since 1970, working with several film production ministries. I have traveled domestically and internationally producing films that help folks know God and grow in their faith. Currently I am co-founder of Illustra Media, (which produces films on intelligent design in nature and Christian biblical apologetics.)”

Recently he has revisited his long-time love of trains, both real and toy. His family has traveled by train to destinations like Chicago and New Orleans. In their backyard he has upwards of 140 feet of “G scale” model railroad track. It is a project that he gets to enjoy with all 6 grandchildren.

Jerry and Dellene have 3 grown daughter who are all married and serving both locally and abroad.


Bob Taylor started coming to Green Hills in January of 2008.  He began by attending a Sunday school class with Carl Moen which was being taught by Roger Miya at the time and as he says it, “that got me hooked!” From there he started going to the church services and soon discovered that he liked the teaching that was preached from the pulpit as well.

Bob has a clear passion for discipleship particularly with his fellow believing brothers. He is actively involved in several men’s Bible studies and small groups. His passion is “to see men grow in the grace and knowledge of the Word of God, and then to watch them lead once they know who they are in Christ.”

Bob has several standing fellowship times with men all throughout the week including lunch with two brothers on Monday, a Monday evening study (which he leads), another lunch on Wednesdays with a different brother, Thursday evening Bible studies with a different group of men and a Saturday morning study with two more men. As he puts it, “That keeps me busy.”


Scott Watkins has been coming to Green Hills for 20 years and says that it was the Bible centered teaching that drew him and his family here and is what made them stay. Prior to attending Green Hills, he and his wife Lori were volunteer leaders in the youth group at their previous church and while he found that ministry to have several highs and lows, he says that “seeing God change the lives of youth was always exciting” for him.

Scott’s wife is a faithful volunteer in our nursery ministry, supporting families with babies while Scott serves on the Multi-media team and is a part of our Church’s Stewardship Committee.

Outside of church, Scott also enjoys coaching youth sports teams (currently he is coaching a girls’ soccer team), he enjoys doing puzzles and working on projects around the house.

Scott and Lori have 4 grown children, a daughter-in-law and one grandson.