COVID-19 Reopening Plan

Green Hills Reopening Plan

Please note that this page will be updated continually as new information becomes available, so it will be a good habit to check this page regularly.

Last update: August 26, 2020



  • A cleaning team will be responsible for disinfecting high traffic areas and chairs during and after each church service.
  • Entrance/Exit doors will be opened by ushers or volunteers to avoid touching door handles.
  • All staff and volunteers will be required to routinely wash and/or sanitize their hands per the CDC’s guidelines.
  • There will be designated places to give tithes and offerings. We will not be passing offering plates.

Social Distancing

  • Families will be able to sit together but spaced out 6 feet from other families or individuals.
  • There will be no Sunday school classes yet. Children and students will be asked to stay with their families during worship services. We have Kids Church right after the first service, so that kids can have worship and a lesson created just for them.
  • Midweek Youth group will have all seating setup to accommodate for proper social distancing guidelines.
  • Midweek activities for Nursery through Elementary ages are not resuming yet. Guidelines for this age group are still being developed and will be updated as soon as information becomes available.
  • Any handouts will be made available to take in designated areas, to limit exchange from person to person.

Protective Personal Equipment

  • Ushers and volunteers will be required to wear face coverings and, when appropriate, disposable gloves.

Health Protocols

  • All staff and volunteers who show any signs of being sick or who have been exposed to COVID-19 are asked to stay home and may not return to church until they have been cleared to do so.


Arrive Early

  • Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to the service time in order to help with any possible delays in implementing the added safety measures. 

Social Distancing

  • It is your responsibility to maintain social distancing in all areas including the parking lot.
  • Please respect the safety of others and help create an environment that is safe and conducive to corporate worship and Bible study.
  • Maintain social distancing when service lets out by allowing time for others ahead of you to exit properly. Ushers will be there to guide people when exiting.


  • Wash and/or disinfect your hands per the current guidelines.
  • Sneeze or cough into your elbow at all times.
  • Alert an usher or volunteer if you see something that needs to be cleaned and/or disinfected.

Health Protocols

  • If you are considered higher risk, it is the CDC’s recommendation that you stay home and utilize our online services but this is solely your decision to make.
  • If you are sick or have been recently exposed to COVID-19, please stay home and quarantine yourself per the CDC’s instructions.

Protective Personal Equipment

  • Anyone attending worship services will be asked to wear a mask while walking to and from their seats and while singing. You will have the option to remove your mask once the sermon begins. We will have some available at the Welcome Table for those that need one.


  • Signs will be placed all throughout the campus encouraging everyone to sanitize or wash their hands and maintain social distancing.
  • Events at the church will be modified to accommodate many new guidelines. Please be sure to read each event’s description on our website to stay informed. (Event Page)
  • This page will be updated regularly as new information is made available and/or differing needs arise.