Children's Ministry

Children’s Ministries

Our Kid’s Ministry exists to SHARE Christ with the children of our community, TEAM them with other Christians and ADVANCE them in their spiritual maturity as we help them RECOGNIZE their spiritual gifts and SURRENDER their lives to God.

We accomplish this by providing a safe and loving environment for kids from birth through 6th grade in our Sunday morning groups, Wednesday night programs, and various special events throughout the year. For more information on our sign-in procedures, bathroom policies, or snacks provided, click here.

Questions? Contact our Children’s Ministry Director, Darlene Crocitto darlene@thechurch.life



Green Hills | 9:00 & 10:45 am

All children must check in at the Kid’s table each week.

Sprouts (Birth – Kindergarten)

The first years of life are essential to build a solid foundation. We provide bible stories, snacks and learning activities as well as an active playtime. Kids will learn God’s Word in small doses that are easy for them to understand and apply in everyday life. Our goal is to help children grow spiritual roots through stories, songs and a variety of learning experiences.

Mountaineers (1st – 4th Grade)

First through 4th graders start Sunday mornings together with a short time of fun and board games, which allows our teaches and helpers to build relationships with your kids. This is followed by an interactive lesson where kids can read the Bible, participate in illustrative activities, and be taught from God’s Word. We then divide into small groups according to grade for “table time”. At the end of our time we come back together for a high energy time of worship through song, designed to introduce your kids to corporate worship.

Explorers (5th & 6th Grade)

Over the course of these two years students will take Bible stories to the next level and apply what they’re learning. They will take part in a biblical survey, covering the Old Testament in one year and the New Testament in the next. The hope is that each student will know more than merely a bunch of individual Bible stories, but gain an understanding of the overall story of the Bible – that everything points to Jesus’ coming and bringing restoration. Throughout this time these students will be encouraged to serve others, become leaders among their peers, and develop a heart for missions.

WEDNESDAY NIGHTS | 6:00 – 7:30 pm


AWANA is a tool that we use to advance our children in their spiritual maturity as we try to reach every boy and girl with the gospel of Christ. We see our role as a support to the family rising up a generation of faithful followers and AWANA is a great opportunity to engage children in the good news of the gospel in a fun, dynamic and communal environment.