When I was a child my uncle Milo came up to me once and said: “¡Martín, tienes que orar por todo!” Translation:  “Martin, you have to pray for everything!”… “Everything?” I asked- … “Yes,” he said, “everything.” From that moment I began to ask myself; how can I pray for everything I do? Is that possible? Is it biblical?  It didn’t take me long to find out how significant that statement really was. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says: “pray without ceasing” Prayer is a critical part of a Christian’s life. We are called to pray ~not just without ceasing, but for everything; even for our enemies.

“Prayer is a critical part of a Christian’s life.”

Last January our Senior Pastor, Jared, asked me to take leadership over all the Missions and Outreach Ministries of our church, and as usual, I said “Yes. No problem.” But as time went by I realized that the responsibility I inherited needed more than just saying “yes, no problem,” it needed a lot of prayer. Prayer not just from myself, but from my family, my church family and every Christian in the body of Christ because Missions requires a lot of prayer and team work.

I remember as a kid always enjoying the arrival of mission teams to our church in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. I remember the challenging experience to communicate in a “hybrid language” (signs and few words in English) but despise the language barriers, we all found unity … through prayer. Today, I have the blessing of being on the other side of these types of missions efforts. I have been part of two mission trips to Guatemala, and now I am preparing two teams to be sent to Central and South East Asia to share the gospel. That little boy from Honduras never could have imagined this! It feels like The Lord gave me the training to be a missioner ahead of time. But I understand that having the training and desire to go on missions is not enough to make things happen. We need to come together in prayer to have success in sharing the gospel. That is what James says in 5: 16 “…The fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much…”

“You can be an important part of these teams by praying along with us.”
Last March our church prayed every day at noon for all Christians who were affected by the political changes as it related to immigration issues. In July we are challenging the body again to commit to pray every day at noon for mission teams that are being sent out on short term trips.  You can be an important part of these teams by praying along with us. It doesn’t matter where you are at that time, just lift up our teams in prayer so they can carry on with God’s mission to share the gospel.  I would have to say that uncle Milo was right about praying for everything, …but I’d add, not just for everything; we need to pray ~together~ for everything. Will you commit to praying together with us throughout all of July?