Making Disciples at Green Hills

Our mission as a church is to make and mobilize disciples of Jesus.
So, what is a disciple?


A Disciple Believes

A disciple of Jesus can articulate the gospel and his or her salvation clearly, and is growing in their knowledge of God and the gospel.


A disciple’s heart is being transformed to love God and others more and more.


A disciple responds obediently to God and his Word.


A disciple orients his or her life and decisions more and more around the kingdom of God.


A disciple is committed to making and maturing other disciples, and sees himself or herself as a missionary wherever they are.

A Discipler

If you aren’t sure where to start, need someone to talk with, or someone to help you understand more about being a disciple, then you need a discipler. Email us at connect@thechurch.life


Do you need to learn more about God’s word and Christian theology? In addition to our weekly sermons, use this EAR Journal for personal Bible study.

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